Routine Cleanings

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Routine Cleanings

Biannual visits to Dr. Whitney for routine cleanings and dental exams help keep your teeth healthy. Visiting us frequently also keeps you aware of any oral health issues which might be developing. Even if you practice good oral hygiene habits at home, such as regular brushing and flossing, plaque can still build up. When it does, it requires professional cleaning.

Routine Cleanings
by Dr. Jacob Whitney

The Importance of Routine Cleanings

By scheduling regular dental checkups with our office and removing the plaque that brushing alone cannot reach, you can reduce your chances of additional oral health problems. Visits to our office also allow us to find any issues before they become more serious. We at Sand Springs Family Dentistry strive to keep your appointments on time, and we always make our cleanings as comfortable as possible.

Six-month check-ups and professional dental cleanings also help to keep gums and teeth in good health. An untreated cavity, for example, can eventually grow to destroy an entire tooth and damage the teeth surrounding it. To avoid problems like this, Dr. Whitney will work with you to create a schedule of dental examinations, dental cleanings, and X-rays to prevent and treat problems.

Do You Need Dental Sealants?

While routine dental cleanings can remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth and gums, dental sealants are sometimes required for additional protection. Dental sealants are used to help prevent cavities.

Sealants are a painless and quick way to help deter the development of tooth decay. The sealant is painted onto hard-to-reach surfaces such as the chewing surfaces of back teeth, and other areas that are commonly subject to decay. Maintaining your biannual dental cleanings will help keep your gums healthy and your teeth white and clean.

To schedule your cleaning, or to learn more about our practices here at Sand Springs Family Dentistry, contact Dr. Whitney at the team at (918) 245-5979.


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Dr. Whitney is a licensed and board-certified dentist in the State of Oklahoma who's greatest desire to give his patients the best care possible in the most comfortable environment. It is his promise to provide you with all the options and his recommendations but to never recommend a treatment that is not necessary for your oral health.

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