Children Dentistry

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Children Dentistry

At Sand Springs Family Dentistry, we provide dentistry services for both adults and children. Our office wants your child’s dental visit to be a positive experience for you and your family, so we do everything in our power to keep you happy and comfortable throughout.

We realize that a child’s first few dental experiences can shape how he or she feels about dentistry for the rest of his or her life. Dr. Whitney provides a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, so no matter how old you are or what procedures you need, you’ll feel comfortable and at home.

Children Dentistry
by Dr. Jacob Whitney

The Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

When you start your child’s dental checkups as early as possible, it helps Dr. Whitney track the development of your child’s oral health. Regular 6-month checkups throughout childhood can allow for early intervention and conservative treatment for any developing oral health concerns.

During these early visits, we screen for tooth decay, gum disease, and signs of larger oral health concerns or structural bite problems. Here at Sand Springs Family Dentistry, we strive to create a positive dental experience for children of all ages.

As a parent of three young children, Dr. Whitney understands the special attention required to make each appointment pleasant for your child. Parents play an important role in their child’s oral health, and getting involved early and setting a good example with your own oral hygiene can lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of effective oral hygiene and dental care. Consistent at-home oral hygiene and six-month checkups can also help keep gums and teeth in good health throughout your child’s early life.

To learn more about our children’s and family dentistry services, contact our Dentist and the team at (918) 245-5979.


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Dr. Whitney is a licensed and board-certified dentist in the State of Oklahoma who's greatest desire to give his patients the best care possible in the most comfortable environment. It is his promise to provide you with all the options and his recommendations but to never recommend a treatment that is not necessary for your oral health.

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