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At Sand Springs Family Dentistry, we’ve heard a lot of questions regarding dentistry and everything that it entails. As the old adage goes, “there’s no such thing as a stupid question,” and we truly believe that. However, some questions are based on myths and folklore. Here are some of the biggest myths we have heard over the years about wisdom teeth, and the truth.


Myth #1 – Everyone has wisdom teeth.

FALSE – Not everyone actually has wisdom teeth. In fact, some people have one or two, or none at all. Some individuals have wisdom teeth that will stay beneath the gums and will never erupt. All of these situations are perfectly acceptable, as long as there are no other symptoms indicating something is wrong.

Myth #2 – Everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed.

FALSE – Wisdom teeth are extracted only if they are impacted, or are causing other issues. Many individuals can go their entire lives without having their wisdom teeth removed. If your wisdom teeth aren’t creating any other issues, or haven’t broken the skin, they can stay without problem.

Myth #3 – Dentists can predict the timing and the way that your wisdom tooth will become visible (erupt).

FALSE – Even with dental x-rays and routine check ups, dentists cannot predict the way your teeth with erupt or even if they will. Sometimes teeth have a mind of their own, and will crowd other teeth, or partially erupt.

Myth #4 – Wisdom tooth related problems and risks increase with age.

FALSE – There is no evidence to support the claim that these problems increase with the age of the individual. Complications can happen at any age and should all be dealt with by a professional.

Myth #5 – Milkshakes are great after a wisdom tooth extraction.

FALSE – While milkshakes and smoothies are a good source of sustenance after oral surgery, there comes a major stipulation. When drinking any type of liquid, whether it be a milkshake, smoothie, or water, avoid using a straw. Using a straw increases the likelihood that you will dislodge a clot in your socket.


These are just a few of the myths about wisdom teeth and wisdom tooth extraction that we have heard. Do you have more questions? Feel free to comment below with any wisdom tooth related questions, message us on Facebook, or contact the team here at Sand Springs Family Dentistry today!

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